90 seconds –
the magical video duration for higher engagement

The video verse is now sharply divided into short format and long format videos. Anything in between has rather poor engagement rates. Video content trend has hiked up on a significant level. Video streaming has become the most popular formats of content absorption.

Ever noticed, all updates on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube direct towards short videos.

But the question remains the same creative professionals- What should be the right length of video that works best on all kinds of platforms?

After rummaging through various insights, reports, marketing performance metrics, studies – there is a clear winner – any video not more than 90 seconds. 

Let’s dwell deeper into this magic duration length

Brands that communicated better with videos were less than two minutes long. If the video is too short, then one might miss out on some crucial details, but to cover the drama, context and functions, 90 seconds to 2 minutes are a good catch. Considering the attention span that has dwindled over time – any video between the video length of 1 and 2 minutes is seeing a stellar view rate compared to three or five minute ones.  

How to boost engagement with under two-minute videos?

The length of a video purely can never take over the world. With the optimum duration & the video, content needs quality.

Quality is what hooks the audience and creates engagement. Quality does not always mean a big budget. If a creator can hold 3-elements – Great writing, good planning and execution, these videos can boost your marketing plans!  

Facebook & Youtube & Instagram

From Wistia study, videos less than 120 seconds, engagement rate falls off sharply. Facebook feature lets the user interact with auto-plays without sound. Hence, 5 five seconds become the crucial part of your visual planning.


Top videos on youtube tend to vary between 20-120 seconds. For explanatory videos, 90 seconds as video length tend to increase the engagement rate by 50%.

Instagram is all about striking visuals. With time-lapse, boomerangs and filters, one can create more engaging short videos ranging from 5 seconds to 90 seconds.

What kind of videos to make under 90 seconds?

Multiple short video formats can help your brand in creating higher engagement and spike visibility.



Let your brands educate customers to  learn how to  do something. Videos on how to use a product and life hacks can guide the audience in learning & grasping the content. These videos work best on Facebook and then Instagram.



Videos showing off skills and power to encourage the audience to perform what brand wants them to. Call to action video works best to direct the audience to take action.



Trailer, teaser, offers, and other coming soon videos tend to excite the viewers. These videos are well written and executed with effects to leave the audience in either suspense or surprise.



Appealing to the mass audience curiosity with a new product or service is yet another great way to engage the audience. The first-one-to-know nature makes the audience talk about it and help the brand to be more visible.



The audience loves to see the fun brands do behind the scene. These videos help the audience to understand the company’s personality and mindset. Behind the scenes video lets people see the candid side during a fashion show, event coverage, daily workplace chores etc.



Brands can create quick tour videos about their products and services. It helps in showcasing brand offerings to the viewers.



Customers love gifts! Short videos on contests and giveaways tend to hold great attention.

Brands can use short videos for various other categories like event showcase, brand maintenance and such segments during the customers’ journey. Creators must look at what customer is looking for while deciding the format.

10 Key takeaways on video length

Video length with video quality is all you need for boosting your brand and engaging your customers.

  1. Keep videos under 120 seconds and preferably in around 90 seconds.
  2. Know your audience and when they likely to drop their attention.
  3. Keep the best visuals for the first few seconds.
  4. Understand your targeted platform and decide apt video length as per engagement rate.
  5. Different video type works for multiple platforms, brand and its audience.
  6. The video alone cannot do justice. So, make sure you deliver quality content.
  7. Longer video means more time and money investment. Be clear about setting the right goals.
  8. Good writing, proper planning and optimum execution can help your video rank on top.
  9. Optimise your video for mobile-first. Your audience is always running.
  10. With auto-play and sound off, make sure visuals and texts are performing the right way.