2021 most recommended Instagram resolutions and size guide for your next post

Did Instagram crop out your post?

Not anymore! Find out the appropriate resolution before you post your upcoming content in our easy-to-understand article.

To master the art of ‘Instagramming’, keep reading and learn in detail about Instagram ratios, sizes, specifications and get your hands on our additional PRO TIP to make your post 10x better.

Instagram Feed -

The Instagram feed covers square (audience favourite), vertical and horizontal photos. 

Instagram feed image post –

  • Square – Ratio of 1:1
    Size 1080px by 1080px
  • Vertical – Ratio of 4:5
    Size 1080px by 1350px
  • Horizontal – Ratio of 1.9:1 till 16:9
    Height 1080px 1920px
  • Carousel – Ratio of 4:5
    Size 1080px by 1350px (We recommended vertical format for user interface, however, carousel posts can be square (1:1) and horizontal (1.91:1) too.)

Instagram feed video post –

  • Square – Ratio of 1:1
    Size 1080px by 1080px
  • Vertical – Ratio of 4:5 (highly recommended)
    Size – 1080px by 1350px
  • Horizontal – Ratio of 1.91:1
    Size 1080px by 608px

Pro tip –

The frame rate should be 30 frames per second. Video length should be a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. The maximum file size that Instagram allows is 4GB. Vertical videos allow extra height space with an aspect ratio is 4:5. Hence, we recommend using this format. 

It is best to follow a pattern of image and video size to make your brand look professional. The constant change in sizes without any design pattern can affect the creative look.

Instagram stories –

Instagram stories are more versatile with their dimensions and ratio. Its minimum
aspect ratio is 1.9:1 and maximum 9:16(best as most people prefer no border). The fun part, stories allow you to do more onboard creativity with filters, 10-seconder videos, stock images etc. 


Our recommendation- 

Story – Ratio of 9:16 (to cover entire Instagram stories screen.)

            Size 1080px by 1920px


Pro tip – 

It’s always a good idea to experiment with different sizes and alignment in your stories, given the chance to edit them in real-time while uploading. Stories can be a great way to catch attention and encourage communication. You can try adding a patterned backdrop while adding feed, music to support visuals, links for CTA etc. Remember, when you upload a video of more than 15 seconds, Instagram automatically splits them into another set of Instagram stories.

Instagram reels –

Instagram reels are the newest obsession and format of competitive content. Much like stories, reels are designed for full-screen vertical view and quick consumption using music and filters. With new updates on Instagram reels, now you can make a reel as long as 60 seconds, and you can also recreate another reel with a split-screen.


Vertical – Ratio of 9:16

                Size 1920px by 1080px 


Pro tip – 

Reels allow full-screen viewing, but when displayed on feed, Instagram crops it to a 4:5 ratio. That is where the thumbnail comes in. For better Instagram reels display, you can pick the thumbnail option for the Instagram feed gallery and reels gallery. The gallery of the Instagram profile will use a 1:1 ratio for the Instagram grid, and the second within the Instagram reels gallery, the thumbnail ratio will be 9:16. 

Instagram IGTV

IGTV videos are a popular format for longer duration videos. IGTV allows vertical and horizontal video.


Square – Ratio of 1:1
Size 1080px by 1080px (IGTV videos on the profile grid)

Vertical – Ratio of 9:16
Size 1920px by 1080px

Horizontal – Ratio of 16:8
Size 1080px by 1920px


Pro tip –
To make your IGTV feed appear more attractive, upload a cover photo. Cover photo for IGTV works best with dimensions of 420px by 654px and an aspect ratio of 1:1.55.

Instagram Live -

Instagram live videos are generally shot vertically or portrait. The purpose of live video is to be broadcast directly from smartphones. Hence, it is not possible to change the aspect ratio.


Vertical – Ratio of 9:16
Size 1080px by 1920px


Pro tip – For live videos, you can add other accounts to go live.

Instagram Profile Photo -

Profile photo – size 360px by 360px

Do not miss out on these Instagram specifications you need while uploading

  • File Size – Not more than 4GB
  • Caption Length – 2200 characters
  • Basic Aspect Ratios:
    Square – 1:1
    Landscape – 1.91:1
    Portrait – 4:5
  • Length – Feed video up to 1 minute, Story up to 15 seconds per story, IGTV between 15 seconds to 10 minutes, and Live videos up to one hour.

Shoot your new video or static photo keeping these specifications in mind. Let users see your aesthetic content without Instagram cropping them out! 

Happy Instagramming!


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