Leveraging Quora for Marketing

When you have a question and desperately want to know multiple view sights on it, where do you look? Definitely Quora. Since its launch in 2009, today Quora claims to have more than 300 million unique users.

Since 2019, Quora has been one of the most significantly visited sites and is tended to be found on the first page of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPS). Did you know that you could leverage by marketing on Quora? Learn what changes you can bring to your marketing strategy by using Quora.

Why is Quora marketing one of the most admired forms of marketing?

  • What made us think that Quora is admired by many?
  • Alexa ranks Quora as #72 in terms of traction and engagement in India
  • SEMRush gives Quora an average rank of #8 for the 17.2k keywords out of 40m that it tracks.
  • The website has around 24 million pages of content. Don’t read that again! Yes it has more than 24 million questions answered.
  • It is very likely that you will find the answers you are looking for on Quora.

This is what makes Quora admired by many. P.S – it includes us 😉

What are the benefits claimed by Quora marketing?

Is it fruitful for an individual using Quora marketing?

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What if you are not an organization? Well there’s a solution for you too.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk, an individual just like you, is one of the thought leaders who takes full advantage of the platform by answering questions.
  • He writes on specific trending topics that come around on social media.
  • Writing on trending topics will also increase your probability of getting featured or front lined.
  • He answers to people’s questions in order to increase his engagement with people

Well, that was just a legitimate example of an active Quora user. Quora for individuals goes by the rule of ‘What goes around, comes around’. You actively engage with others, others will engage with you.

Pricing policy of Quora: An economical fruit to pluck

The advertisement facility on Quora is just mind boggling. Imagine a social media network giving you the best of reach and charging you on the basis of the number of clicks.

We as a marketing company would love such an approach but, is it really possible? IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY DRAMATICALLY POSSIBLE! The pricing depends upon two main factors, a bid you place for your ad and the likelihood of indulging engagement on it.

This sounds like a really cool opportunity to us. We would definitely love to gain traction to our e-selves and our clients.
These pricing policies keep changing, so give it a hit and see whether you are able to crack through it.
We at B&F love feedbacks and suggestions. Let us know if you want to share your views on this!

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