CGI’s move into Marketing: Blurring the thin line between real and artificial

Who would have thought that CGI, known for its feats in Film and TV, would collaborate with marketing?


In this age of mid-journey and generative AI, the marketing landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. Creativity now knows no boundaries, thanks to powerful tools like CGI, and the impact is undeniable. CGI campaigns are taking social media by storm, featuring lifelike visuals and captivating content that often go viral.


Brands have discovered a new realm of potential, captivating consumers like never before.


Consider Marriott Bonvoy’s grand entrance at the Gateway of India, where they introduced India’s first co-branded hotel credit card in collaboration with HDFC. This novel approach to launching a product was just the beginning. Brands like ba&sh, Jacquemus, Maybelline, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang have also harnessed the power of CGI, offering glimpses of how this new tool is revolutionizing advertising.

Videos sourced from Marriott Bonvoy, Maybelline, and Jacquemus.


However, a critical question emerges: Do these videos blur the line between reality and fiction, damaging brand trust?

Video sourced from Isabel Marant & Alexander Wang, & ba&sh.

To address this, brands must prioritize transparency. Some governments and advertising authorities are considering regulations to ensure ethical CGI use.


While technology’s embrace of promoting brands through CGI is undeniable, there’s a looming danger of losing authenticity. The temptation of CGI-based marketing’s creative tangent may overshadow traditional methods. Moreover, the cost factor cannot be ignored; CGI which delivers stunning results often comes with a hefty price tag, making it an impractical option for smaller businesses and startups.


Yet, brands can strike a balance by educating consumers about CGI’s creative potential without misrepresentation. Combining CGI campaigns with physical marketing experiences can leave a lasting impression on consumers and create a well-rounded brand presence that resonates with audiences.


CGI empowers brands to transcend their conventional limitations, turning ideas into flourishing realities. The use of CGI has ushered in a new era of creativity in advertising, inviting brands to recognize their untapped potential and leverage this remarkable technique.


While CGI does enhance marketing creativity, it raises the question of ethical transparency between the brand and the consumers. Balancing CGI with real-world experiences ensures a lasting brand impact in this ever-evolving landscape.